Friday, 4 May 2012

Artis Zoo Amsterdam

So Artis Zoo, I discovered during my 72 hour IAmsterdam pass race around the city, is actually across the road from Mr Nilsson  that we went to for a Groupon dinner. I didn't see the Zoo on the dinner evening. What can I say; it was dark, I was hungry.

Rabbit report; "I am a desperate animal lover; in fact I much prefer animals to people. As far as zoo's go, I don't have the major objection that many people might carry. The way I look at it is; many of the animals that are bred and cared for in zoos are endangered. In zoos they are safe, have food and shelter.

Artis zoo is quite old and still retains the '1960's layout' that we used to see in Belfast zoo or London. What I mean by this is that the animals are visible and on show clearly....but I don't feel that the individual compounds are as well equiped as they could be with regards to 'play areas' or 'stimulating objects and features'

For example; Belfast zoo is now referred to as one of the best in Europe. The monkey enclosures are like large 'activity play centres' with a maze of ropes, climbing frames, toys, tunnels....lots and lots to keep the animals mentally and physically active. In Artis, there is the same 'pyramid' concrete monkey enclosure; which is great for the people standing watching the monkeys....but there is nothing for them to do and they must get bored.

Same with the elephants, lions, otters, gorillas ..everywhere really. I would like to see the zoo have real overhaul of design. Lots more emphasis on the variety of activities available to each different bred; we know this is essential now, whereas back in the 50's and 60's we weren't as aware of this necessity for 'a happy bear'. Back then it was all about the mechanics of feeding and cleaning."

We went to the zoo as it was included in the pass. I wouldn't pay €19.00 to go back.

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