Thursday, 9 May 2013

What's On Amsterdam Thursday 9th May - Saturday 11th May WEEKEND

Thursday 9th May 

MelkwegCable: Bass, dubstep, hip hop, garage under the direction of DJ Gomes. €5.00 on the door from 23.30

Trouwamsterdam has a night for creative enterprises. Guests are established creative entrepreneurs and during the evening they will talk about the idea of successful product and what it takes to get started yourself. Tonight is about Nightlife in Amsterdam. Please click here for a really nice little Vimeo video €8.00 on the door 20.30 start

Friday 10th May: 

Melkweg: Kill All Hipsters, indie, electro, newrave, indietronica-night scenesters €9.00 on the door with a Facebook discount to €7.00 from 23.30

Saturday 11th May: 

Melkweg: Encore; Hip Hop, R and B €10.00 on the door from midnight

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